Now What?

I e-mailed the following to a friend the other day (Hi Jeremy):

I have been obsessed with blogging again this morning. I keep thinking of crap I want to write about (Britney Spears stealing a lighter and being a douchebag about it, me leaving the company christmas party last night because I had to poop, my super sexy dream about Dennis Quaid), and it makes me sad that I do not have a public journal anymore.

Now that I have this WordPress account set up . . . I got nothin’. Those three topics seemed like they happened aaaaaages ago, and I don’t feel like writing about any of them. I am no longer outraged that Britney is a self-serving spoiled brat*, and the guilt of deserting my friends at the Xmas party has wilted along with my early morning hard-on for Dennis Quaid (although, he is a sexy man and just typing his name has me feeling a little hot and bothered again). Honestly, I don’t know what it is about Dennis Quaid, but I’m pretty sure it’s the way his mouth curls up like like the Joker’s and the fact that he married his 13-year old cousin in Great Balls of Fire. I know it was pretend, but seriously. That’s hot.

* Well, maybe just a little.

Karen, Mir, Megan

A pic from the Christmas Party (I’m in the middle), stolen from Karen’s Facebook (she’s the one in blue). I look about 10 lbs lighter in this photo than I really am (only the double chin gives me away), so I am loving it. Clearly this was taken before the gigantic plate of food I had at the buffet decided to make a hasty escape.


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