Post Crossing

I have a problem. It’s more of an addiction, really. A snail-mail addiction.

When I was growing up, I had A LOT of pen pals. At any given time, I’d say that I had between 25-40 pen pals. I was horrible at replying, but somehow I managed to maintain a lot of regular friends, in addition to a whole slew of people I quickly fell out of touch with. Then high school happened, and slowly, I lost all of my long-distance companions (mainly – entirely – due to neglect on my part).

I hadn’t really thought of that hobby in forever, but then Sarah, my friend, fellow craft enthusiast, and co-worker extraordinaire, got me hooked on this website called PostCrossing, and my snail mail addiction was born anew. It started out innocently enough – I sent out a few postcards. Then I got a few postcards. Then, postcards weren’t coming in fast enough, and people weren’t getting my postcards fast enough, so I started signing up for shit in the message board. At first, I was just interested in finding one postcard pal that I could trade short messages with. I sent her a card. Then, I wanted to send another. So I signed up for another pal. Then I signed up for a swap. Then I signed up for a bonafied pen pal. And now. . . Now it’s all I can do to keep myself from posting a “pen pals wanted” ad of my own in the forums. It’s awful!

I’ve been trying to curb my snail mail addiction by sending Christmas cards to my already existing friends and loved ones, but now I’m addicted to sending Xmas cards and I don’t know what I’m going to do after the holidays.  This is a terrible affliction to have! A terrible, EXPENSIVE affliction . . . But oh, it feels sooooo good.


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