Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I am celebrating Jesus’ birthday at my place in Peterborough this year, and it feels a little bit strange. This is my first Christmas Morning spent outside of Chesterville. Last Xmas, my mom told me not to bother coming home for the 25th because she was celebrating the following week instead, so Chase and I made plans to be here. Now my entire family is at home (my brother, my sister and her boyfriend, mom, and dad) celebrating Christmas. Mom won’t let anyone open gifts until Chase and I get there on Friday, though (despite my protests), and she told everyone that they can’t open their presents because Chase and I were also waiting until Friday to open ours! Pffft. This is the coversation I had with my mother:

Me: You guys open your presents on Christmas! Don’t wait for Chase and I. When we come home, it will be like a second Christmas!

Mom: No, no. We will wait for you.

Me: Do you want Chase and I to wait to open ours?

Mom: No no. You go ahead and open yours!
I’d be annoyed if I didn’t think that my mom is so cute. I don’t necessarily think that my sister is as amused as I am right now, though!

So Christmas morning (and afternoon) has been really good. Chase and I DID open our gifts.  I got a lot of cool stuff including a free dinner and movie date (Thanks, Todd, if you are reading this!), a blanket (that I have to share with Chase, but haven’t been able to part with all day), an oil burner, some delicious smelling shower gel, handcream and soap, some chocolates, Arrested Development on DVD (Season 1), a frying pan, some travel mugs, a book (The Daring Book for Girls)… I have been spoiled.

Karen, one of our best friends and down-the-hall neighbour, came over for breakfast and a gift exchange, and has since left to celebrate Xmas with her boyfriend, Scott. They are coming back later on today, and we’re all going to order some Chinese food for dinner. Mmmm Christmas Day Chinese food!  Delicious! I hope that everyone else is having a great Christmas Day!


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