Xmas With The Family

I don’t really know what to say about my trip home for Christmas. It was great, and it was terrible. I got a lot of presents (my favourite being some satellite phones for my apartment), I ate a lot of delicious food (mmmm! mom’s cooking!), and I got to see my entire family. I even unleashed 2Girls1Cup on my brother, my sister, and my sister’s boyfriend. Whit was the only one brave enough to watch the entire video and go onto 2Girls1Finger. She’s my girl!

I also found out that my mom has some kind of weird degenerative eye thing, and she is slowly going blind. And I found out that my grandma is most likely dying of lung cancer, but she won’t to go to the doctor for a biopsy to find out for sure, and she says she will refuse treatment. I was really excited for the New Year and all of the changes that are coming up in 2008, but now I’m just sad about it because I know that my grandma probably won’t be here next Christmas.



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