Goth Babies

An actual iChat conversation between Chase and I (copied and pasted for your amusement):

Me: i hope we have little dark haired babies
i was blond
you ARE blond

we’ll have little arians

Me: but i’m looking at a picture of a little girl right now with hair so fair, she looks like a cross between a cancer patient and a child of the corn
it’s gross

Chase: lol

Me: you know how britney wanted to whiten her kids teeth?
maybe we could dye our kids hair jet black

Chase: yeah

Me: and make them wear black

Chase: no

Me: and paint their nails black
and pinch them all the time so that they always look sad

Chase: hahahaa

Me: I’m going to pump Cure songs through my stomach when I’m pregnant

Chase: hahaha

Me: And Whit and Hayden will come out with smeared lipstick and robert smith hair


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