Adventures in Cooking

I would have so much more money if I didn’t like restaurants so much. There’s just something about going out to eat that I can’t get enough of. The delicious food! The service! The lack of dishes to do! The feeling that you’re being social when you’re just eating dinner with your fiance like you do every night! I am 100% in love with restaurants. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive habit to have, so I’ve been trying a lot of new dishes at home this past year – especially within the past month or two. Mostly I have successes (I can make my own pulled pork on a bun and it is almost as good as the pulled pork from Hot Belly Mama’s!), but sometimes my kitchen adventures are total flops (my sweet potato fries, for example, were soggy and gross).

I used to think that I enjoyed cooking and baking, but now I realize it’s not the cooking I like – it’s the eating. Oh god, I love to eat! Not only am I expanding my recipe box, but I’m also becoming a better eater than I used to be. Tonight, I made a broccoli quiche and… I ate it! I ate a BROCCOLI PIE!! A year ago, I wouldn’t have touched broccoli (in fact, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that tonight was the first time I have ever cut up a head of broccoli in my entire life). I’m slowly learning that vegetables do not equal death, and that pies do not have to contain sugar. I’m kind of glad that I was such a picky eater growing up because now, every time I eat, it’s a new experience.


Recipe here

I get very excited every time I learn to make something new because I’m so sick of the other two dishes I used to make (lasagna and mini pizzas). My ultimate goal is to have a different home-cooked meal for every night of the month.

I also made coconut bread tonight. Delicious!!

Coconut Bread

Recipe here


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