I Love How You’ve Done Your Make-Up!

Speaking of the awkward moments and the tragic hilarity that is my life…. I have been meaning to share this story for at least three weeks now. It ’s such a classic Miranda Moment that I barely obsessed about it – when stuff like this happens among close friends, I just assume that they’re still going to love me despite my awkwardness.

My friend Cindy sells MAC makeup on the cheap at the farmer’s market. I guess she gets mad discounts and she used to be a stylist or whatever so . . . Anyway. She makes a few extra bucks from it on the side, and a few weeks ago, Karen and I stumbled upon her booth. Karen is MAC obsessed (which is why we spent so much time looking at products in the first place), but I really don’t wear makeup at all. I think it looks silly on me and I get self-conscious when I wear it. I worry about looking like a clown or a prostitute or a melting wax figure. Sometimes I’ll wear a little mascara and clear lip gloss but that’s as far as I go. Plus, I have no clue what colours look good and heaven help me when I have to apply the stuff!

The girls were gracious enough to help me pick out some colours (I eventually went with a light pink and a dusty purple), and I explained at least ten times that I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup. I saw – I can’t believe I’m telling you this – a Full House episode when I was little where Rebecca tells DJ that the secret to wearing makeup is looking like you’re not wearing any at all, and it has stuck with me ever since (although, considering the source, I wish I could forget it).

Me: I want it to look very natural, like what Cindy’s wearing right now. [I was seriously gushing] Cindy, I love how you’ve done your make-up!

Cindy: I’m not wearing any make-up

Me: [dies]

We were supposed to be at the farmer’s market to buy vegetables, but we came home with cosmetics instead. It was a lot of fun and it made me realize that I can wear makeup and not look like a circus performer. I even secretly went to the drug store last week and bought some brown eyeshadow. And a smudging brush. And an eyeliner brush. And I may have bought even more from my friend Christie, the Avon dealer (although, I’m kind of nervous about Avon brand cosmetics). Eeeee!! I haven’t been wearing makeup every day or anything, but it’s kind of exciting when I do.

Me hunched over photobooth, wearing my “natural” make-up.


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