Missing Linz

I went to Sarah’s birthday shindig tonight and I am a little intoxicated right now. I have to tell you, it feels really weird; I’m not used to drinking without my best friend, Lindsay. In fact, I can’t remember the last real party I went to that she did not attend. It’s strange getting drunk without her – she’s usually there to let me drink her booze when she’s not looking, or laugh at my stupid antics, or cut me off when it becomes apparent that I’ve had too much. If tonight had been one of her parties, I’d be passed out on top of one of her ex-boyfriends right now. She’d wake me up around 2 or 3am, tell me it’s time to come home, and then she would kiss me on the forehead and tuck me into bed with some hot dude. Obviously, that didn’t happen tonight. Instead, I got tired, started to feel bored in a yard filled with strangers, and came home like the old lady I am. I didn’t know what else to do. There is no hot dude waiting for me, either. Chase is out celebrating someone else’s birthday this evening and I am left by myself, missing Lindsay, and stumbling into bed alone.


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