Big Decisions

I applied for a job in Toronto a few months ago, but at the last minute, they decided not to hire in Canada and the opportunity fell through. At the time, I was relieved. I would love love love a change, but it’s a big move. If I was single, I wouldn’t have any issues but I have to think about Chase (and Dexter – the puppies were born yesterday!!), too.

Tonight, I got an e-mail from the recruiter. They’re hiring again, and he wants to know if I’m interested. There are SEVERAL positions, so the chances of me actually getting hired are even higher than they were last time, and now I don’t know what to do.

The money is significantly better, as are the benefits
More chances for advancement
It would get me out of the call centre I’m currently working at
Jeremy is there
More experience
The job is related to what I do now
Closer to my brother and Chase’s family
My contract at work is up soon
My lease is up in September
It would be a new and exciting adventure
It’s kind of too good of an opportunity to pass up

I may have to commute
I may have to live away from Chase
Chase may have to move (after recently getting a promotion at work)
I just decided to get a dog, and I don’t think Chase and I can get one if we’re living apart
I’d be leaving Peterborough and my Peterborough friends here
Toronto is expensive
I am comfortable where I am

Crappity crap crap crap.


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