Cockroach WHAT?!

I feel like so much has happened since my last post that it’s impossible to get it all in one entry. The long and short of it is that Chase got a job in Toronto (his first day was this Saturday and he’s already taken possession of our new place), and I am unemployed as of October 31st (which is, not coincidentally, the day we get rid of our “old” – my current – apartment).

I was super pissed at first because I TURNED DOWN that interview in Toronto because Chase didn’t want to move, but now I am over it (mostly). Jeremy was gracious enough to show me how easy it is to use the transit system yesterday (and it does seem fairly easy – with Jer there, at least!), which was a HUGE hurtle for me, and now I’m just pumped for the change (SUPER pumped to be leaving the call centre!).

I was even more pumped earlier today when Chase told me that our new apartment comes with free access to an indoor swimming pool, gym, and laundry facilities (although, I think the laundry is coin-operated). THEN, I became a whole lot less excited when I called tonight and he told me that my new place is sketch to the max right now.

1. The landlord was having the townhouse (I keep calling it an “apartment”, but it’s a four bedroom, townhouse) renovated, and the guy doing the renovations… IS STILL IN MY APARTMENT AT THIS VERY MOMENT. He is staying UNTIL TOMORROW. Chase and Jackie (Jackie being Chase’s friend from work, who also moved up there for a job, and who we will be roommates with for the next year) are locked in the master bedroom right now while dude sleeps downstairs. SKETCH.

2. There was food in the cupboards still.

3. My new place is infested with cockroaches. COCKROACHES!! I’ve never seen a cockroach in my entire life, and now I’m sharing an apartment with a whole herd of them.

That explains why my landlord gave us the first month free, and why we don’t have to pay our last month’s rent until November. It also explains why the rent is so cheap. And why there are thousands of children always playing, unattended, in my courtyard. And the blocks and blocks of apartment buildings and townhouses in my area that all look the same.

Apparently, I live in the projects…. I am going to start carrying around some mace in my purse. Well, I would if I used a purse, and if I knew where to get ahold of some mace. Maybe I’ll just carry around a travel-sized bottle of RAID in my pocket instead, which I can spray into the eyes of any would-be rapists and murderers, and into the mouths of any cockroaches that try to nibble me in the night….

On the bright side, I can still live in a nice, clean, normal apartment for the next few weeks while Jackie and Chase deal with our bug infestation. AND, I get to keep Dexter for at least another 7 days.


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