Further Proof That I Am A Bad Mom

I am a deep sleeper and I’ve snoozed through many a loud noise (fire alarms, smoke detectors, sirens, trains whizzing behind my house, etc.), but imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to find this:


We started crate training Dexter, but switched to paper because there are times when Chase and I can’t get home in time to let the puppy out before he has an accident. You have no idea how horrible it is to see your dog freaking out, covered in his own poo. So instead, we tie him to the crate with a leash, leave the door open, and put some paper at the very back for him. The problem is, he’s learned to pull the crate across the room, and he’s gotten startlingly good at it in the past day or two.

Last night, he must have seen a pair of my underwear (that little pink blob between the crate and the blue blanket), dragged the crate across the room to get to them, wrapped his leash around a stand-up fan, and knocked the fan over. I didn’t arrange that photo at all – do you see how tightly his leash is wrapped around the fan? That’s how I found him. He didn’t even have the space to sit down.

I found out the hard way that Dex had peed in that position. I found this out because, as I knelt down to unhook him, I got covered in urine. And then Dexter, also covered in urine, climbed all over me. I am getting the willies just thinking about all that pee… I’m really going to have to find a better system for Dexter. Maybe keeping him inside the crate overnight isn’t such a bad idea as long as I set an alarm to take him out every 3 hours or so….

Does anyone want a puppy?


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