Happy New Year

Chase and I went to Rob’s to party on New Year’s Eve. I had big plans to get drunk and rowdy, but I spent the majority of the night whining about being sick, and sleeping off a nasty cold. The highlight of my night occurred when I crawled into bed with my friends Rob and Steph after I realized that Chase was going to spend the night passed out on the bathroom floor. In the wee hours of the morning, I reached across Rob’s sleeping body and said “Steph, I can’t even feel you”. Then I put my hand on what I THOUGHT was her outer thigh, a few inches below her bum. Apparently, what I really did was pat her crotch and pass out with my hand cupping her vajayjay. Whoops.

The funniest (and funnest) part of this story is that Steph just went back to sleep. I wouldn’t have even known what I had done if she hadn’t told Chase about her late night molestation. I feel vaguely like a creepy old woman, but every time I picture myself absently patting Steph’s vagina, I giggle.

Steph And I Model With My Xmas Gift

Steph and I model with my Christmas gift


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