Bye, Mom

Lindsay, my best friend who was visiting me all weekend from London, left for home today. We went out to brunch with Jeremy and discussed a bunch of fun things that I could post about (like Linz’s creepy friend, Scott, who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and who refuses to give up even after the most brutal of rejections; or about Jeremy’s potential new blog, Fart Herder), but now that my mom’s gone, I just want to mope a little and get Morag and Me set up. I hope you like my journal’s new home!

I decided to retire Farther for three reasons: 1) My stalker found the flickr account linked to Farther, and it’s only a matter of time before she finds out that I have a blog with the same name; 2) I want to blog every day in 2009 (or at least back-date enough entries so that I have 365 posts at the end of the year), and this seemed like a good way to motivate myself to do it; 3) I love new beginnings.

Dex and I Passed out
Dex and I passed out on the love seat at Wayne and Phil’s place the night of the 90% Chase incident. Wayne took the pic because he’d never seen a dog sleep on its back before. Dex likes his belly rubbed when he’s tired.


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