Baaad Day

If something could have gone wrong today, it did. I broke a photocopier by opening the feeder drawer while it was printing; I booked a business trip for myself instead of my boss by accident (although, I would love a free trip to Montreal); I found out that a trip I booked for my boss last week didn’t go through; I accidentally printed a TWO THOUSAND page document, and I couldn’t cancel the job… I won’t bore you with all the details – just know that it was a baaaaad day. I spent more time fixing my mistakes than I did actually working.

Now I’m home, and as I’m typing this, my dog is running around with my sock in his mouth and Chase is yelling “No! No!” at him. I am trying hard not to snap, but everything is annoying me right now and my sanity is threatening to make a hasty escape.


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