Blast From The Past

I just searched 9 years of journal archives, and found that the only year I posted on January the 9th was in 2002. Yikes! Here it is, for your reading pleasure: 

Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 11:43 pm

Something is happening to me . . . Something so weird and so strange, it may just warp my take on food forever. For once in my life, I.AM.NOT.HUNGRY!! I don’t think this has ever happened before. I don’t think I’ve ever lived for more than five minutes without so much as one hunger pang (or is it ‘pain’?). Ever. I can be sitting over the toilet puking my guts out and I’ll still be thinking about what I could eat after I have finished. But now . . . Nothing. Nada. It’s A MIRACLE!! It’s as if God has blessed my expanding tummy (and thighs and waist and ass) from on high. Thou shalt not covet Lindsay’s chicken! I can almost hear it.

I still managed to wolf down another egg salad sandwich, though. I mean, I may not have been hungry but that’s no reason to waste food – especially in light of my current financial situation, and ESPECIALLY since Jeremy finds the smell of boiled eggs absolutely revolting. He’s been running around the house with his bathrobe over his nose all evening, complaining about the stench, and calling me “fart-eater” and “scat queen.” I’d be insulted if his own stench didn’t rival that of the egg salad. Muah ha ha!!

Seven years ago, I was living with Lindsay and Jeremy on London Street, going to university, and basically avoiding all responsibility. Today, I’m living with my fiance in Toronto, working full time at a job I like, and planning a family. Still, nothing has really changed. Lindsay and Jeremy continue to be a big part of my life (thank god!). I still take delight in Jeremy’s distaste for egg salad (and pea soup!). I am still complaining about my weight. I’m still having money problems.  And tonight, I ate even though I wasn’t hungry.


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