I Hate American Idol

I’m a little boozed up, and filled with drunken rage, but I need to share with the world how much I hate American Idol. More specifically, I hate the judges on American Idol. I know it’s TV, but do they REALLY have to be such douches?! REALLY?!!

I guess they have a new girl judge now? Kara? They had some fan come on the show, and after she left, the new judge was like “that’s my fan?! what does that say about me?”. Umm…. WHO DOES THAT WOMAN THINK SHE IS?!! If I was that contestant, I’d be writing that Kara chick hate mail. I want to write her hate mail, and she didn’t even personally insult me! I don’t care how bad that poor girl sang (and it wasn’t even close to being as bad as 99% of the contestants on that show) – she was a fan, and she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected that way. Grrr!

I am boycotting that Kara chick. She’s ungrateful and she treats her fans like crap. SHE’S DEAD TO ME!!!


2 thoughts on “I Hate American Idol

  1. I think this behaviour belongs to the show concept. It’s the same in Germany, we have a show called “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (Germany searches for THE superstar) which is a copy of American Idol and the judges suck! Must be a global conspiracy… Maybe no self respecting artist would even think about being a judge on this show because every last one of the judges is crap (as an artist AND concerning their behaviour). Most of the candidates are crap, too, but that’s another story. I try to avoid those shows which is way better for my blood pressure.
    I really like your daily update, gives me something to look foward to through a bland day at the office. Have a nice day!

  2. moragandme says:

    I agree – these shows suck at their very core. Singling out one judge in a show that makes its money by humiliating people is an exercise in futility.

    I am glad that you are liking the daily updates! It’s been challenging 1. thinking of things to post about, and 2. posting when I’m dead tired/grumpy/all the negative things that come with day-to-day living. I am glad that you are updating more often lately, too!!

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