Dogs and Belly Buttons

Dex with his ears flipped up

Chase has gone to Peterborough for the next few days, and I am left to my own devices. That doesn’t really mean much to me because our schedules rarely match up anyway, BUT I’ve noticed that it is a lot easier to diet without him here. Last night, we porked up on tacos. The night before, thai food. Tonight, because I am alone, I had toast and margarine – the prison meal (or what my mom used to tell me was the standard prison meal, but now I know convicted felons get five star Aramark service. Regardless, I still consider bread and butter food for the criminally naughty).

Dexter is chilling out next to me on the bed. I was petting his belly only moments ago, when I was horrified to notice that my dog doesn’t have a belly button. I brought my concern to my roommate who assured me that dogs do have belly buttons – they are just invisible-ish (I guess their mom chews off their umbilical cord and it leaves a small scar). Thank god, because I was beginning to think that my dog was either an alien, or that I’d been lied to my whole life about dogs being mammals.


I told Jeremy that I’d start posting my food intake. Even though I think it’s a terrible idea because it gives him an advantage in our weight-loss competition, I guess it’s only fair. I’ve been calling him every day to see how badly I can pig out based on the junk food he has eaten.

Today I ate:

  • chicken (white meat) on a kaiser from Swiss Chalet, loaded with sauce, with a baked potato and sour cream
  • a tiny handful of peanuts
  • a teeny bite of a shortbread cookie
  • a glass of water
  • 2 pieces of toast with margarine
  • (estimated calorie intake: 1300)

    My goal for tomorrow is to eat more low calorie foods instead of blowing through 1000 in one meal.


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