I’m updating from my kitchen table, which, apart from a small space I’ve cleared for my laptop, is covered in coats, junk mail and assorted garbage, and I’m listening to Hank Williams sing “Lovesick Blues” on repeat.

I’ve become a fan of old country music. The little that I listen to, anyway. I’m open to suggestions for more good stuff (preferably pre-70’s country – you can shoot me in the head if i start to listen to anything more recent than that). It makes me think of my grandpa recording the Grand Ole Opry on TV; he had tapes and tapes of that stuff.

When I was a kid, everything to do with my grandparents bored me – ESPECIALLY the Grand Ole Opry. Now, I would do anything to watch those tapes with my grandfather. He passed away when I was in high school. I barely knew him, despite the fact that he lived a block away from me my entire life. I have few regrets, but not spending time with my grandparents is a big one.

I remember that Grandpa always grabbed my knees in such a way that would tickle and hurt at the same time (my dad does the same thing sometimes if he’s sitting beside me). And he’d say “See you later alligator” and Whit and I would say “After awhile, crocodile”. Or he’d say “See you in the movies!” And he usually gave us a dollar when he saw us. He drove a big old boat of a car, and he and my grandma went to Kmart like, every weekend. They fought A LOT. I don’t have a single memory of Grandma and Grandpa when they weren’t bickering back and forth, but it was cute in a way. I miss it. I miss him.


Today I ate:

  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 3 ritz crackers
  • 3 glasses water
  • 12 tortilla chips
  • 1/4 cup salsa
  • thai noodles – cup-of-soup style
  • medium chai tea from tims with 3 sugar and 2 milk
  • 1 container of apple sauce
  • 1/6 peanut butter cookie from tims
  • 1/2 cup lipton sidekick
  • 1 glass red wine
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