Yes Woman

I am back-dating the crap out of this post because last night (today is the 18th by the way), I was too tired and grumpy to post.

I had a looong day of laundry. I spent $40 doing my dirty clothes (and Chase’s). I lost count of how many loads I did, but just to give you an idea, it costs me $2.30 for a wash and dry combined.

I think my building’s laundry room (which is in a scary, dingy basement) is haunted. Every time I do laundry, at least once, when I come back to get what should be my dry clothes, I find the dryer door open and my laundry sopping wet. Yesterday, in addition to the door being open, my fabric softener bottle was on the floor instead of on the washer where I left it. We have front-loading washers, too, so there is no reason ANYONE would have to move it.

Then again, my building does have some pretty ignorant people (not surprising considering I live in the ghet-to). No one ever ever ever cleans the lint traps in the dryers. EVER! It’s so gross. I want to put a sign on them that says “The only time I can tolerate touching pet hair and pubes is when they are my own. Please clean yours out of the machines!” How hard is it to clean a lint trap?! Honestly!

So yeah. Either we have ghosts, or some douchebag opened my dryer and threw my softener bottle on the floor. I don’t know which I’d prefer, really.

I was still in good spirts, though, when I went out to dinner and a movie with Jeremy. We had some excellent Mexican food at this weird cafeteria-style restaurant (Chipotles?) where I had some difficulty ordering and we ate on a teeny tiny table with teeny tiny stools. It was fun trying somewhere new, and their beef was yum yum.

On the way to the restaurant, some oriental homeless woman followed me down the block, begging me for change so she could take public transit to the hospital to be treated for frostbite. She kept showing me her gnarly fingers, and I kept saying “I don’t have any change. I’m sorry”. And I really was sorry until Jeremy told me later that the hospital is like, a block away. It was unnerving as hell because she just kept FOLLOWING me until I went into the restaurant.

Jer and I saw Yes Man, the new Jim Carrey movie. I’m not a huge Jim Carrey fan (not even close), but I liked the concept behind the movie -guy who doesn’t have a life suddenly has to say “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself. I promised Jeremy that it would be very inspirational (at least, for me), and he grudgingly agreed to see it. I did find it mildly inspiring (I think I am going to invest more time into trying new things). Parts of the movie absolutely killed me (and not in a good way. the laughs were pretty cheap), but on the whole, it was pretty good. Also, Zooey Deschanel is really cute and I found Jim almost sexy at times.

Jeremy dropped me off at the Greyhound station after the movie, where I waited for like, forty minutes for Chase’s bus to come in from Peterborough. There was a big snow storm last night and he was delayed. I was on my way to buy a magazine from the convenience store, but I didn’t even get outside before I was accosted by an older woman, who was obviously on something, and her husband-dude. She asked to borrow my cell phone to call her daughter (who she hadn’t seen in over a year) because her bus was delayed and, oh by the way, she was mugged at knifepoint earlier and did I want to see where the woman cut her? Apparently, she was in a bathroom somewhere and a woman tried to take her money, but she blocked the door and said something like “I’d like to see you try!” Then she CHASED THE MUGGER DOWN and had her in a headlock when the woman’s friends showed up and they didn’t believe her story so she didn’t want to call the police. Oi yoy yoy!

… So I lent her my cell phone. This story is pretty anti-climactic because they left without incident, but two weird run-ins in one night just goes to prove that I am a sketch magnet through and through.

Even after all that, I was still in a good mood until we got home. Then the dogs almost knocked a glass out of my hands about five times in a row, and that was it. I don’t know if I was tired or hormonal or what, but I couldn’t deal with them anymore, and I locked myself in the bedroom and went to sleep. Not a good homecoming for Chase, and I feel bad, but it was either go to sleep or start punching the animals, and that would have upset him even more. Friggin’ animals.


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