I Am Learning to Make Socks!

One Ball Makes One Pair!

I am learning to make socks!! Huzzah!  I feel like a real knitter now. Nadine makes this sock making business seem effortless but now that I’ve officially started these bad boys, and after screwing up the first six lines or so and juggling four needles at once, I know better. Nadine is a super star!

I will upload pics of my progress when it’s a little brighter out. I have also been meaning to get this “fashion show” on the go since Chase came back with the clothes he picked out for me, but I got lazy. Soon! The shirts are great and they fit, but note to self: when Chase asks me what pant size I am, “I dunno, 6?” is NOT the correct answer. “Bigger than Steph” is not the correct answer. “I need to try them on because I have no effin’ clue what size I am” is definitely the way to go.


One thought on “I Am Learning to Make Socks!

  1. Go, Miranda, go! Nice yarn and be assured – my first pair of socks almost drove me crazy because the needles kept getting in each other’s way! After the third pair you’ll be knitting on autopilot!

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