Weigh-In Monday: Week 2

It’s hard to update this thing when I’m “multi-tasking” (read: watching TV, talking to Chase, chatting online, and becoming increasingly annoyed by the dogs who are gnawing at a bone by my feet). SO MANY DISTRACTIONS!!

Let’s get Weigh-In Monday #2 over with. One pound down, suckas!

Week 2
I promise to cut my toenails for the next shot

I think it would have been more had I not pigged out at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet last night with my brother and DH. I had two heaping plates of “real” food, and two plates of dessert. It was soooo good, and soooo worth it. They had a chocolate fountain and cheesecake and lemon tarts and flan and . . . EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER POSSIBLY WANT!

To even out all of the calories I ate, Chase and I went ice skating at the arena across the street (which we just discovered, despite the fact that we’ve been living here for months). I think I burned double the fat because the children who were sharing the rink stressed the crap out of me. They constantly cut me off, swerved in front of me, raced around me, and basically acted like little terrors. Also, I don’t know how to stop on skates so I spent a lot of time worrying about plowing into (or on top) of them. That being said, I’d totally go again. For a short period of time. And as long as I was promised a mug of hot chocolate and a hysterectomy afterward.


Edit: That’s not poop on my scale (Jeremy!) – it’s makeup. That is probably a string from my sock between my toes, though. Next week, I will cut my toenails, wash my scale, AND make sure I am more awake for my update pic!


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