My Weekend In Pictures- Smoke’s Poutinery

Smoke's Poutinery
Saturday night, I left Chase and Steph to host a party at my house while I went out to Smoke’s Poutinery with the group I affectionately refer to as “my high school friends” – Jeremy, Adam, Angiela, and Katherine (who didn’t actually go to high school with us, but whatever). Poutine, for those of you who may not know (read: my only non-Canadian viewer – Nadine, if when you come to Canada, we are SO getting you some poutine!), is fries covered in cheese curd and gravy.

Someone Loves Curds
Someone loves curds almost as much as I do.

Pulled Pork Poutine
I had the pulled pork poutine. I know it looks like a cat vomited on my fries and gravy, but this was the most delicious poutine I’ve ever had. You could put pulled pork on a shoe, though, and I would swear that it is the most delicious piece of leather I’ve ever eaten.

Bacon Poutine
Jeremy’s poutine with bacon.

Jeremy and Adam
Jer and Adam

Enjoying Poutine
Katherine eating poutine with veggies.

Nacho Poutine
Ang’s nacho poutine.


Me and Jeremy
Jeremy and I

Jeremy, Adam, Katherine
Everyone looking a little skeezy after eating a pound of cheese and gravy.



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