Thanks For the Curtains!

When I went home over the Xmas holidays, I spent two days hemming and making window dressings for my sister’s new house.

Today, I got the following package in the mail. No note – just a message on the envelope: “Thanks for the curtains!”

Package From My Sister

The package had a sweater, a yo-yo, a penguin on a parachute, some tooth stickers (my sister is a dental hygienist and always gives me fun teeth-related things), two tubes of Victoria Secret lip gloss, some mascara, and a gift certificate to Indigo books.

So cute! And so unnecessary! But very much appreciated. It was an awesome surprise!

Nadine, still no sign of your Christmas letter! 😦


2 thoughts on “Thanks For the Curtains!

  1. moragandme says:

    You really should! What are you going to put in it?

    I need to send one back, and have been meaning to send one for a long time as a thank you to Whit for letting me stay with her and do a zillion loads of laundry at her house over the holidays. I bought a wine opener (she doesn’t have one) for it, but accidentally left it in Oakville. 😦

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