Did I Mention That Chase is a Good Boyfriend?

Ooh good lord, I am tired! Chase has been working the late shift, and I’ve been staying up to spend time with him when he gets home from The Store. It’s nice, but it has been a long week of sleep deprivation, and I am absolutely zonked now.

When my mom, Linz, visited a month or so back, she dumped a bunch of movies on my hard drive, and I have been watching them while I wait for Chase to get home from work (also, while Chase has been watching Battlestar Galactica. I refuse to watch that show because I can’t stand to listen to the characters say “frak” all the time. It grates on my nerves. I understand that it’s the future, and over time, a curse word could morph into something else – shiznit, for example. But frak?! It sounds so fake and ridiculous. I’d settle for “fack”, but “frak” is asking too much of me).

So far, I’ve watched:

  • Eagle vs. Shark
  • Wristcutters: A Love Story (which is my favourite so far, and not just because Patrick Fugit, the only celebrity I would ever consider actually having real live sex with, is in it. Words cannot express how much I adore Patrick Fugit, but the movie was good enough to stand on its own)
  • Lars and the Real Girl (hilarious)
  • Dan In Real Life

Tonight I watched Little Miss Sunshine. I loved it. I knew it was about a weird family, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. Actually, it was a lot better that I had imagined (although, I feel it should have made me want to cry more than it did), and I really liked it.

I blame Little Miss Sunshine (and low blood sugar, and sleep deprivation) for my emotional state not much later on in the evening when I broke down bawling like a baby because I found out that one of my favourite bloggers (who has no idea that I exist, and whose journal I have never ever even commented on) found a lump on her breast . Chase was like, “oh my god, what’s wrong?! are you okay?!!” and I just kept sobbing “You’ll think I’m stupid if I tell you!!” Which is kind of a dumb thing to say, in retrospect, considering his mom died of breast cancer and he knows exactly how sad it is. It’s just weird to get all panic-y and emotional about someone you don’t even know.

Chase didn’t think I was being stupid at all (god bless him!). He just gave me a hug and felt me up a little (for lumps – he was totally checking for lumps).


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