Don’t Tell My Mom, But…

Chase has the opportunity to get a job in Ottawa. His work is opening a location there, and basically all he has to do is apply for a transfer, and we’re out of Toronto. The catch is, if he doesn’t apply now, it will be harder to get a job there in the future.

The plan, for awhile now, has been to move back to the Ottawa area so that we can be closer to my family. I want my kids to be close to my parents and my sister. I want to have my grandma over for dinner. I want a house in the country.

But now that The Plan has become a reality, I don’t want it anymore. I mean, I do. EVENTUALLY. But right now is not the time. I want to work in Toronto at the very least until my contract is up. I want to have a good time with my friends and live a little before I start over again somewhere new. I need some time before I start having babies. If I was pregnant, I would go in a heartbeat, but I told Chase that I am not ready to move yet. I never thought I would choose Toronto over small town life, but there it is. I’m a city dweller for awhile longer.


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