FO – Baby Cardigan

FO - Baby Sweater

Knitting is hit and miss for me because I am so new at it, that the end result doesn’t look as nice and professional as I would like. Plus it takes forever to make what I could have done in a fraction of the time (and a zillion times the quality) with a crochet hook.

I worked on this sweater for a looong time. I spent one whole day (more than 12 hours), and half of another knitting it. I knew if I stopped, it would sit in my bag for years and it would never be finished.

Aside from the socks and hat I started recently, this was the first real pattern I followed. And I learned to increase and decrease for this thing (beyond the ol’ knit 2 together), so there’s something. I also blocked for the first time in my life (if throwing a damp towel over it counts as blocking). In that respect, I am very proud of it.

I REALLY need a course on finishing, though – specifically sewing my work together. I am not happy with the seams at all.

FO - Baby Sweater

FO - Baby Sweater


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