Well shit on my head and call me Poopy, I have a lot of updating (read: back-dating) to do. Has it really been over a week?

It’s not really all my fault. Well, okay. It is. BUT, I went two whole days without even turning on my computer (erm, opening the lid, I mean. I never shut my computer off because I’m lazy). That has to count for something! And also, I’ve been BUSY. And by busy, I mean, of course, lazy.

What HAVE I been doing? WELL, let me tell you. I have been knitting. Like a fiend! I’ll post about that later in previous entries. Yes, I realize that last sentence only made sense to myself.

You will have to forgive this post. The only thing I have to eat or drink in my house is wine, so I just had a lot of it.

I am poor.

I am made even poorER because, in a move characteristic of The Roommate, she TEXTED Chase yesterday to say that she found another place to live and would be moving out. To which we said, in an awkward house meeting, “The hell you are!” – but nicer. You know. Like, we said “we can’t afford to pay for rent without you” and “what can we do to make you feel more comfortable?”.

This morning, everyone came to the conclusion that we can probably just get out of our lease collectively. Still no word on that (Roommate emailed Landlord, still has not heard back), HOWEVER, even though I know it’s bad because it will get my hopes up and then Landlord will tell us to screw ourselves, I have started to search for apartments. Yeeeeah!! It’s giving me a semi just thinking about it.

If I could move out in 60 days or less, I would never ever ask the baby Jesus for anything else for as long as I lived*.

*Actually, I kind of think prayer is wrong to begin with, and I never pray, but I wouldn’t hope so hard for anything for as long as I lived. or at least for another week.

So yes. I may have to come up with a huge chunk of money for first and last, so it’s kraft dinner and water (when the wine runs out) from here on in. Crappity crap crap crapy. But Hooray!!

Seriously. I am sooooo happy. Want to see some of the apartments I am going to call tomorrow?



http://viewit.ca/vwExpandView.aspx?ViT=29259 —> this one is my fave, I think, based on price and the free laundry.

There are more, but they’re just boring apartment buildings and they all look the same. I’d rather have a “homey” place than something that feels like a cold, unoriginal box. I am all about the cozy. And parquet floors make me want to barf.

***Special thanks to Jeremy for helping with the online search. He found my fave (basement) apt. If I move in there, I owe you big time!

Jeremy and I Sporting 3D Glasses


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