New Shoes And a Free Show

New Shoes

Last night, I picked up Chase’s newly sized ring at the jewelry shop after work, and went straight to his job at the Fancy White Gadget Store (located in a mall) to surprise him with it.

I usually wear my running shoes home from work – my brown, $15 running shoes I bought at Wal-mart ages ago. It looks really stupid when, like yesterday, I wear grey dress pants with them. Which is why, before I went into the Fancy Gadget Store, I bought myself a new pair of flats at the shop next door with a gift card I’ve had since Xmas. I was too ashamed to face Chase’s coworkers looking like I’d just escaped from a mental institution.

I left Aldo, and immediately changed into my new shoes on a bench just down the hall from the store. I tried to do it all inconspicuous-like, because really, who changes their shoes in the middle of a mall? I tried not to look around too much because I didn’t want to catch anyone giving me a strange look, but when I finally did glance around, I noticed quite a few security guards in the area.

I started to panic a little bit, thinking that maybe they thought that I had stolen the shoes (which, in retrospect, is kind of silly considering that I had the bag, box, and receipt with me). I calmly made my way back to The Fancy Gadget Store, and sat at one of the tables just outside.

This little asian girl, maybe in her very early 20s, came out of The Fancy Gadget Store, talking on a cell phone. That’s when two security guards rushed over to her, and took her into custody. The whole time, she never hung up her cell phone. She just kept walking away. The guards continued to follow her around, and when she made her way back to The Fancy Gadget Store a few minutes later, she had her hands zip-tied behind her back. I heard the guard say something like “you are being charged with fraud. Do you know what that is? Would you like a lawyer?” It was obvious she didn’t speak a whole lot of English.

Later, I was talking to Chase, who confirmed that she tried to use a fake credit card to buy a computer.

It was one of the most bizarre things I have ever witnessed at a mall.


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