The Hunt Is On

I have been too ashamed to log into my wordpress account because it has been so long since my last post. The only thing I’ve ever been able to do with any consistency is procrastinate.

Amazingly, Chase and I haven’t been putting off the apartment hunt. In fact, we’ve started so early, it’s difficult to find anyone willing to take us for May 1st.

We are really liking the Yonge and Lawrence area of Toronto right now. It’s close to work for both of us, and the neighbourhood seems pretty nice. We looked at this place yesterday. It was a cute apartment, and the landlord was a grumpy old Polish man (which we liked because interesting characters give a place a certain je ne sais quoi), but Chase and I agreed that we can find something better.

We’re looking at two other apartments on Wednesday less than 2 blocks from the apartment we saw yesterday. We really, really, really like this place, which we’ve nic named “Old English”, based on the outside alone (although, after reviewing the pics, the inside doesn’t look as fun). It’s a really cute old building on a hill, surrounded by parks, and accross the street from a church (not that I go to church or anything – I just like to live near them because they seem so nice and old timey. I loved my last place because we heard the bells every Sunday).

Chase and I have unofficially agreed that if we like the inside as much as we like the outside, we’re going to move into Old English… Even though our move date would be April 1st and we’re essentially throwing away $1200. Yowza!

Today, Jeremy and I are headed out to see this place.


3 thoughts on “The Hunt Is On

  1. I Am The Way says:

    I like Old English as well.
    …Particularly the kitchen floor.

    Too bad the rest of the kitchen is frikkin tiny.

    How’d the viewing of the other place go?

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