It’s Smartifying – How Russell Brand Piqued My Interest in Stalin

So I was watching this YouTube video yesterday:

because I love all things Russell Brand (even though, sometimes my love of him disgusts me a little bit – not because he’s a complete womanizer, but because sometimes he looks [especially in this video] exactly like an ex-boyfriend of mine who, while a lovely fellow, isn’t at all who I ever picture myself being with [even when we were dating, I didn’t see a future], and the fact that I find Russell sexy scares me a little bit because it reminds me just how much I love men who are completely wrong for me [to say the least]).

So, I was watching that YouTube video, thinking that Russell’s apology isn’t exactly characteristic of him and wondering how much his public statement was motivated by his wanting to save his career, and how much was motivated by a true change of heart (a la Mel Gibson with that whole Jew-hating thing), when I stumbled upon the comments about the pic of Stalin behind him. People are saying that it’s obvious that he’s being insincere/defiant because Stalin is looking over his shoulder.

And THAT got me to thinking about how much I know about Stalin. Which is practically NOTHING (my ignorance is kind of a feat unto itself because my best friend and former roommate of 3 years is a huge history nerd, especially when it has to do with the Germans, and you’d think that I would have at least absorbed some of that by osmosis. Actually, maybe what I DO know about Stalin at this very moment can all be credited to Lindsay). Which made me think that this would be a good Smartifying entry.

Okay, having done absolutely no research above and beyond reading those comments in Russel’s YouTubed (most likely fake) apology,

Here’s What I THINK I Know About Stalin

  • He might have been a Nazi.
  • He was German.
  • He possibly invented communism (you know, with Marx and all that. I kind of hope not considering I majored in Sociology and my ignorance will be doubly appalling if I don’t know the names of all of Karl’s friends).
  • He was definitely a communist. Or a fascist. Maybe he was a fascist? Probably a fascist.
  • He is most likely – probably definitely – dead.
  • His first name is Joseph (I learned that from the YouTube comments).
  • He was a meanie.

    Okay. Now I’m going to google Mr. Stalin, (Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally going to wiki him), and I’ll provide everyone with a fantabulous history lesson upon my return. The ignorant educating the knowledgeable! Errr, not so much educating as much as enlightening you as to exactly how unknowledgeable I am.

    Go here for Part 2

  • 2 thoughts on “It’s Smartifying – How Russell Brand Piqued My Interest in Stalin

    1. Stalin defeated the Nazis. Russia was an ally during WWII. Without Stalin opposing Hitler (who killed 20 million Russians, over 3 times the number of Jews he killed), Hitler would have won the war and taken over the entire world. Stalin is a hero.

      Unfortunately, right after the war the US government allowed Nazis to infiltrate its government in order to help them defeat the Soviets. We basically stabbed Russia in the back and sided with our former enemies to destroy our former ally.

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