A Promise of Things to Come

It’s 6:30am, and I am up early – or rather, I am up on time. I usually wake up around 20 minutes before I have to leave and somehow I cram showering, brushing my hair and teeth, and making a lunch (every once in awhile) in there. It’s very stressful, and when I leave the house, I get weird looks from strangers for having a mop of wet, unruly hair (particularly in the dead of winter when it’s wet, unruly and frozen), but it kind of works for me. Anything for some extra shut-eye.

I always forget how nice it is to get up before everyone else. It’s so peaceful and quiet. It is especially nice this morning because I don’t have to worry about timing my shower around The Roommate’s schedule (she’s in Peterborough), and a big dog I detest (also in Peterborough). Plus, I cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday and IT’S STILL CLEAN THIS MORNING. It’s like a miracle! It feels like a promise of things to come – a tidy home, only my animals to contend with, and a space where I can breathe easier.


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