All By Myself

It totally looks like Dexter shat all over my white kitchen floor, but it’s really just the mud that was tracked in yesterday when my roommate moved out. I was supposed to clean that up and do laundry and make spaghetti sauce tonight, but all I’ve done is surf the internet while lying on the couch at a weird angle, further exacerbating my back issues.

I’m awesome.


6 thoughts on “All By Myself

  1. mysmallplace says:

    yep, congratulations on the start of a less stressful life! As for your sore back: Do as I did and sign up for the gym! Now I only need to find the time and motivation to actually GO 😦 have a good day!

  2. linz says:

    Dear mom,

    Please write me a journal entry to read on the bus when you procrastine about doing something and pick up your Mac.


  3. linz says:

    Please update? Please? Even like pictures of your new place or something.

    Also please email me your new address.

    ps – it’s so I can stalk you more effectively

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