New York City, Baby!

Aside from the fact that getting to and from New York via the Buffalo Airport was a complete (and expensive) disaster, my first trip to The Big Apple was great.

Keeping in mind that we really didn’t stray very far from Times Square, my impression of New York City is that it’s like a big Toronto, but with more cabbies. And Americans.

Looking at the taxis from our hotel window. Seriously, there were SO MANY TAXIS!! Lindsay insists that it’s because we were in Times Square and, you know, surrounded by hotels, but I am CONVINCED that the whole city is teeming with angry cabbies.

Highlights of the trip include:

Our two cab trips. The first guy honked at least 3 times at other drivers, and the second not only honked at other drivers, but giggled as he did so, and backed into another taxi. It was awesome! I really felt like I had an authentic New York Experience before we’d even left the airport parking lot!

The plane ride. My first one ever! They gave me free sprite and animal crackers and chips! Plus, I saw my first up-close-and-personal cloud. Amazing! Oh, and turbulence is AWESOME.


A five course meal at Vermilion


Central Park

Photo by Lindsay

Photo by Lindsay

Our swank (and free, courtesy of Lindsay’s ability to choose a number at random) hotel room at the Westin Time Square. We stayed on the 14th floor, but we knew what floor we were really on.
(Does anyone else feel like I just ripped off channeled Mitch Hedburg there?)

View from our hotel room

All in all, a good trip. It was too short, but I am thrilled to be home again.


5 thoughts on “New York City, Baby!

  1. I Am The Way says:


    You got the (Imagine Monument) photo for me!
    …and you didn’t say anything when I visited the other day!!

    Thanks (to you & the camerawoman)! 😀

  2. we are going to NY in Dec and can’t wait! I love your pictures, it gets me more excited!

    ~Candace Marie

    ps – our blog is actually about our trip and our prep for it, me and my 3 friends are trying to get into shape before we go. did you go to any shows?

    1. moragandme says:

      Cool! New York was great! You guys are going to have a good time. Unfortunately, my trip was super short and I didn’t get a chance to see any shows.

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