Lady Gaga and the Olympics Make Me Feel Sad and Angry

I really wanted to post about the olympics and how angry I am that CTV (the only channel I get) insists on covering every single second, completely interfering with programming I actually enjoy*, but then I got distracted by the new Lady Gaga/Beyonce video (“Telephone” – and now I’m all fired up about THAT.

* As much as one can enjoy CTV’s line-up.

Oh Lord! These ladies are trying too hard. I don’t even really care to talk about the video, actually, because Gaga’s antics are getting boring and her latest train wreck comes as no surprise. What I really want to do is take a poll. My question is this: Does Lady Gaga intentionally try to look like a drag queen, or does she just naturally look like a man? Also, does her pretentiousness make anyone else want to vomit? Really?… I mean, really!!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get back to the olympics. When the games aren’t boring me to tears, they are literally making me cry. I can’t handle it when people lose (especially if they stumble or fall during their performance). I think about all of the time, effort, emotions and expectations that are invested into these athletes during their journey to the olympics (not just by themselves, but by their friends, family, and countries), and it makes me sad to think that everyone can’t take home the gold. Wouldn’t it be nice if the olympics really was about “coming together as one”? Maybe we could make some headway into solving some world problems (hunger, poverty, etc.) at the games, or maybe we could just like, do fun puzzles or solve riddles or perform a complicated group ski routine together or something. You know, every country working toward a common goal, where the object of the event is creativity and cooperation instead of winning and bumping other people off of the podium? Wouldn’t that be more inspiring to watch?

Also, why are there separate olympics for people who are physically disabled and those who are mentally disabled? Why can’t everyone just compete at one big olympic game? I am not suggesting we have able-bodied athletes compete against others who have some kind of handicap, BUT I don’t see why they can’t all gather at one event. Why am I made to endure MULTIPLE olympic games when the “spirit of the flame” is supposed to be about coming together as a people? Isn’t segregation kind of against what the olympics is supposed to stand for?

This is the kind of crap I think about when I don’t have (good**) television to distract me!

** again, as good as CTV gets


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