Don’t Think of it as Being Poor; Think of it as Inspiration to Blog More!

Chase and I have been spending all of our free time at the new place – mostly doing laundry and watching Dawson’s Creek on the iBook (a guilty pleasure on both our parts. We are rapidly making our way through the series), with a little cleaning and painting in there, too. Now that Whitney has a room of her own, we’re engaging in the age-old parental rite of passage known as decorating the nursery. It would be going much more smoothly if we had some necessities like a crib, artwork, linens… MONEY! We are so poor, we are waiting until I get paid again to buy a second can of $15 paint for her bedroom (we were fools to think that 1 coat of lime green paint was going to do it).

Our early move and subsequent overlapping leases (we’re paying for two apartments this month) has set us back in a big way and we were never ahead to begin with. I foresee a lot of kraft dinner and ramen noodles in my future… Stay tuned for some posts about living on a tight budget (going on a shopping spree with your HBC credit card not included, mainly because you’ll get home from Zellers and think “What did I just spend $150 on?!” Also because adding to your already astronomical debt is a bad idea). I was thinking I could share some cheap meal ideas or other thrifty ways to live below the poverty line in the upcoming weeks and months while I play catch-up with my budget*.

*Oh, who am I kidding?! Budget?!!

If you have a super cheap recipe suggestion, leave it in the comments. If I make it, I’ll post about it.


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