I Hate Moving!

I have a feeling that I am going to be complaining about this move (packing, cleaning, transporting, cleaning, unpacking, coveting things for my new apartment that I cannot afford, etc.) for weeks to come, so my apologies ahead of time. I’m trying not to bore you with this crap, but it’s all I have been thinking about.

I managed to get out yesterday without spending any money (aside from subway tokens, which I already had), which was super nice and provided a much needed break from my moving woes. Whitney and I went on a walk through the cemetery with our mommy and baby group in the morning (Toronto has this really big, really gorgeous cemetery with a morbid sense of humour. It says “Rest assured, we have space” at one of the gates. Hilarious! We have a weekly walk there and I love it. Next time we go, I will take some pics), and we surprised some of my coworkers at lunchtime while they were out to eat (Thanks to T, the woman with the plan). I can’t believe I’m saying this (especially considering how often I think about – and dread – my mat leave being over), but I actually miss work. I love the people, and I really miss having projects that have a beginning and an end. At home, the dishes never end. The diapers never end. The pumping never ends. Right now, the moving feels like it’s never going to end. It’s nice to complete a task and not have to pick it up again.

So this is my last night in my current apartment. We hired movers, and tomorrow they are coming to take all of our furniture to our new place. Which means I should really finish packing up now.


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