Remember When I Used to Post Pictures With My Updates?!

My Flickr site ran out of space aaaaages ago and I was too poor to buy the full membership, and too lazy to sign up for a new photo hosting account, which is the main reason why my posts have been so visually boring lately. I signed up for a account after I had Whit so I could share photos with my family back home, but it never occurred to me until tonight that Shutterfly might let me link to my uploaded pics. And they do! Huzzah!! I am so excited to be able to post pictures again! This is a boring post, and I am literally falling asleep while I type this, but I was so pumped about my discovery, I had to share.

Yay photos!! To celebrate, here’s a pic of my two favourite peeps:

Click here to view these pictures larger

And a shout out: Happy Birthday, Baby!

Edit: Ermmm… This isn’t working out the way I’d planned. 😦

Edit to my Previous Edit: Oh. WordPress lets me upload them directly to my blog. Who knew.


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