Duuuuude. Dennis Quaid

Right now, Dennis Quaid is numbers 1, 2 and 3 on my guilt-free three list (the three celebs I have Chase’s permission to sleep with if I ever meet them). I just accidentally googled him and now my heart is pounding because he’s just that sexy. Seriously. Dennis Quaid. If I was going to stalk anyone, it would be him. I may or may not send him a pair of my panties.


Dennis and Me

Here’s my real guilt-free three list:

1. Dennis Quaid

2. John Green

3. Patrick Fugit*

Who are your guilt-free three?


3 thoughts on “Duuuuude. Dennis Quaid

  1. jp says:

    You two actually look pretty good together! 😛
    Can i PLEASE be with you when you send him a package with your panties? I will PAY FOR SHIPPING as long as we can photoblog the process 😉

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