My Revised Guilt Free Three

My Revised Guilt-Free Three List:

1. Jesus Christ (I’m not really into skinny dudes with beards anymore, particularly when I picture them wearing a diaper while nailed to a cross, but I’d make an exception for JC).

2. Dennis Quaid

3. Matt Damon (The Sarah Silverman song sealed the deal for me. How did I forget poor Matt in my previous list?!)

Really, all bullshit aside (actually, these lists are kind of BS because I would never be with anyone but Chase – guilt-free or no), the two people I would consider a real life relationship with (if I wasn’t already with the wonderful father of my child) are:

1. John Green (If he wasn’t married. John is my fave “celeb” partly because of his nerdy good looks, but mostly because of his sheer awesomeness. Also, he makes cute babies)

2. Patrick Fugit (He’s so boy next door-y and he makes my heart melt)


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