I am a Tired Old Lady

All I feel like doing tonight is sleeping and complaining. I can’t sleep because I still have to finish making the biscuits I started, and then I have to drain my boobs (you’re welcome for that visual), so instead, I’m here. Complaining. Whining. Whimpering. Praying that once I go to sleep tonight, I don’t have to wake up for a long, long, long long long long long time. Like, 5 months around.

I am so bored, guys. BORED. I am so over mat leave! I can’t even leave the house any more because I don’t have money for subway tokens, and my days just drag and drag and drag. I am so deliriously bored and tired and depressed, I feel physically ill.

I want to go back to work. I need a break. At work, I would get breaks. I would have something to think about besides what solid food my daughter is going to start in the morning or when her last bowel movement was. I would have things to talk about that didn’t start with “Whitney….” and end with “slept, pooped, cried, ate…”

I’m burning out and there’s no relief in sight.


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