And THAT’S Why I Love My Mother

My sister’s bridal shower was earlier this month, and as her Maid of Honour (albeit a completely inept Maid of Honour), it was my responsibility to plan the whole thing. Or, rather, it would have been my responsibility but my mother took over and in the end, the only thing I had any control over was the games. So I took that part of the planning pretty seriously (if you count frantically finding supplies 5 minutes before the games started as “serious planning”).

One of the games we  played was Purse Scavenger Hunt (which went over like a lead balloon, by the way. Everyone was complaining that their purses were in their cars and did they have to go out and get them, whaaa whaaaa whaaaaaa). For those of you who have never been subjected to embarrassing shower games, during Purse Scavenger Hunt, you are split into teams and given a list of items commonly (and sometimes uncommonly) found in a purse (lipstick, tissues, condoms, stuff like that). In the end, the team with the most items in their purses wins a prize.

I remember seeing my mom’s bag (which is little more than a clutch, by the way) about an hour before the games started. I thought it was weird that it was full past the point of closing. I thought it was strange that  she had a picture of my sister’s dog (in a frame) sticking out of the top. My mother is not a normal woman, though, so it never occurred to me to ask why she was walking around like a homeless baglady with all of her worldly posessions crammed into her teeny tiny purse.

When her team won the scavenger hunt, it all came together. She totally cheated (and gleefully bragged about it later)! She looked at the list before the guests arrived and went around my sister’s house finding items and putting them into her purse (the framed picture of the dog should have tipped me off, but I made the list weeks ago and forgot that “photo of your pet” earned you points in the game).

I had completely forgotten about the scavenger hunt thing until today when, for whatever reason, it came to mind while I was waiting for the subway. It cracked me up so much that I started laughing out loud to myself like a crazy person.

I love my mother.


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