My Mom Always Finds The Coolest Stuff by Accident

It amuses me when my mom finds and earnestly posts gems like this video to her Facebook profile:

I am going to learn EVERY WORD of this rap so I can wow my friends and family with how pious and worthy of God’s love I am.

My mom hasn’t been to church since I was a toddler, and the only time I’ve ever heard her speak about God is as a childhood threat, akin to “just wait until your father comes home!”. Back in the early to mid-80’s, when my sister and I were in trouble, she would say “God is going to put an ‘X’ beside your name!” – the general idea being that if you accumulated too many X’s, God would send you to hell.  When I was a kid, I thought Jesus could damn you forever if you didn’t clean your room or take a bath when your parents asked you to.

Maybe if I can rap as good as this lady, God will erase some of those Xs I’ve built up over the years.


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