At the Movies

Today was Chase’s last day at Yorkdale mall, his current workplace. He got a transfer to another location, which is great for him because it means more opportunities and all that jazz, but it means that Whitney and I won’t be able to visit him at work anymore. It’s kind of a bummer in that sense because we usually go and see him a couple of times of a month.

We celebrated Chase’s last day by visiting him for lunch. I usually take public transit to the mall, and then Chase drives us all home after his shift. Today, I couldn’t fathom spending 4 hours window shopping (particularly because the transit system isn’t very stroller-friendly and I have to strap Whitney to my chest, and carry all of her crap in a book bag. It’s exhausting!), so I spent money I didn’t have and saw a movie instead.

I’ve been to the cinema with Whitney a couple of times in the past, but it was always during Stars and Strollers (when they have showings specifically for moms with their babies), and the last time we went, Whitney was considerably less mobile. Today, it was a just regular movie thing… I was a little nervous, but not overly concerned until, when I was waiting in line to buy my ticket, an older lady looked me up and down and asked me how old my daughter is (8 months tomorrow), and whether or not she could sit through a whole movie (probably). It was a line of questioning designed to say “Your baby had better not ruin my film!”

I wanted to see Eat Pray Love because I figured it was the most baby-friendly movie that I’d be willing to watch, but it had started by the time I got there and the ticket lady said it was pretty full. I saw Scott Pilgrim instead.

I don’t want to be one of those parents who brags that they have the perfect child, but I have to tell you guys, I have the perfect child. She’s generally pretty good when we’re out in public (not counting that time we went with T to Starbucks and she lost her shit), and today was no exception. She sat through the movie like a champ. I sat next to the door just in case we had to jet out of there, but it was not needed. The only eventful thing that happened was she took a big poop and I had to go change her just after Scott battled the second ex-boyfriend. To be honest, I thought about waiting until the movie ended (bad mom!), but she smelled so bad, I was afraid that the people around me would assume that I’d farted. Luckily, the bathroom was literally next door to my theatre, and we were out and back in no time.

The movie experience went something like this: we snuggled, she drank a bottle, we snuggled, she pooped, I changed her, we snuggled, she slept, she woke up about 20 minutes before the movie ended, we snuggled, we left. It was FANTASTIC! I would do it again in a heart beat. Best $12 (11 something?) I’ve ever spent.

Also, the movie was really good. It was different and fun and I liked it. It helps that I’m a little in love with Michael Cera (who aren’t I in love with?!). Also, the fact that it’s set in my city is effin’ awesome. I love love love that they referenced the $3 transit fare.

I left the mall happy and, okay, a little bit scared. Here’s the thing: I’m kind of worried that Whitney is evil. She’s healthy, well behaved, social, easy-going… In my (totally biased) opinion, one of the sweetest babies ever. So, naturally, I’m waiting for something bad to happen. My mind keeps dwelling on Damian (from The Omen) and that little girl from The Bad Seed. Their parents thought they had perfect kids, too, until they turned out to be the freaking devil. I’m terrified that’s going to happen to me. One minute, I have this adorable angel of a child, and the next, she’s crawling around with a gun she bought illegally with a stolen mastercard, vowing to murder me, eat my dead body to hide the evidence, and take over the world! I’m not saying that my daughter really is evil – I’m just saying if I go missing, you know where to begin the investigation.

Whitney and Chase after his last day at Yorkdale.

Is this the face of evil?


2 thoughts on “At the Movies

  1. TYu says:

    Ohhh, your baby really is the devil! She’s the baby that would lull would-be parents into having kids they are not ready or suited for! She’s toooo good =S

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