Who’s At My Front Door?

I think it’s time for a new blog segment called “Who’s At My Front Door?” I’d lived in an apartment for so long, I forgot what it’s like to have complete strangers knock on my door. Now that I live in a house in a nicer neighbourhood, I get at least 1 unexpected guest a month – neighbours, friends of neighbours who have the wrong house, people who want to reseal my driveway (who made 2 visits, btw), Jehovah’s Witnesses (who I assumed were doing a poll for my local newspaper at first because they started by asking me what I thought a “good news headline” would be. I’m such a sucker! For the record, I said I’d like to hear about more random acts of kindness)…

Today, one of the neighbours from down the street knocked on my door because he was doing a poll about his dog. Apparently, the postwoman has a problem with his pit bull and has started hiding his mail so she doesn’t have to deliver it to his house. I was secretly kind of thinking that there’s got to be a reason for her to be afraid, but I’ve never seen the dog so I just went with it. He asked 3 questions (Was I aware of the dog, was I threatened by the dog, had the dog done anything menacing to me). I told him I didn’t even know he had a dog, and that it had never done anything to me. Then, I signed his petition (beside my address) because he was a nice guy. I felt bad for him, but now I’m paranoid that my mail delivery person is going to start hiding my letters (okay, bills and junk mail. But that’s kind of like a letter!) for double-crossing her.


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