“There’s Something in My Foot”

I am going to win an award for most supportive wife ever! Check out how awesome and caring I am:


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

In today’s video, I accidentally record Chase saying that he has had something (a chard of glass maybe?) stuck in his foot for months. I respond by looking slightly grossed out, suggesting he see a doctor, and laughing at his plan to cut the offending object out of his foot with a pair of nail clippers. I show my support by offering to film him perform the operation, but Chase gets offended and a tiny fight ensues. In the end, I convince him that the footage (no pun intended) is “video gold”.  And it is (if you overlook the fact that it’s extremely difficult to hear what we’re saying because there is a fan blowing directly into my mic the whole effin’ time)!


An update to the video: Chase now asks if I am recording before he speaks to me. He (jokingly, I am sure) informed me that it is against the law to film him without his explicit consent. Pfffttt. Not in Mirandaland, it’s not!


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