Dollar Store Fun

The poop was real…


Linzovision (Described Video for the YouTubularly Impaired):

You should be so sad that you don’t get YouTube because you are missing one classy video! I pretend to drink blood, show off some junk food we bought at the dollar store,  encourage Chase to buy a fake leather ball cap, and finish it all off by mowing down on a poop log. Actually, on second thought, maybe you should be happy you don’t get YouTube….


2 thoughts on “Dollar Store Fun

  1. jp says:

    A) what is a CC? I sure would love to be smartified on the matter (hint, hint….)
    B) I love that you ate a HUGE tootsie roll in the time it took for Chase to show us that hat
    C) I hate the hat. But you insist on buying it I’d like to see Chase wearing it (with that awful flap down) in front of one of those giant moose scattered around downtown
    D) The blood bags make me think about halloween. eeee…candy!

  2. moragandme says:

    A) Done!!
    B) Actually, I ate TWO tootsie rolls. I am so ashamed!
    C) So do I! So does he! That’s what makes it gold! And I will try to get him with one of the moose!
    D) I ate a whole blood bag to myself (in addition to the tootsie rolls). It was delish.

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