No More Napping!

Jeremy, you were soooo right. Napping is the devil (particularly if, like me, you do it while your baby is napping. Then it’s even worse because your little monster is a nighthawk and midnight comes and you’re still rocking her to sleep and you start to cry because you realize that you have had no time to yourself because you spent your only baby-free time sleeping). Aaarrgg! Also, I have less than 3 months of mat leave left and I keep wondering how much time I wasted in the last 9 months napping (and then complaining about how messy my house is because I’ve had no time to clean, or how neglected my Zen Garden has become because I haven’t had a chance to play Plants Vs. Zombies).

Sooo.. yeah. No more napping. Even though it’s ridiculously tempting after a night of practically no sleep. Mmmm sleep.!


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