My biggest dilemma at the moment: I don’t know whose team I am going to contribute to in the Supernote Contest.  I AM SO TORN!!! I want to support Meekakitty (I have a huge girlcrush on her), the VlogBrothers (Nerdfighter!), WheezyWaiter (Mmmm beardy hilarity), and Shaycarl (I am such a Shaytard fangirl). Why did they have to pit my favourite YouTube celebs against each other?!! Damn you, Rhett and Link!

I officially have no life because my internet addiction has taken over and now all I can think about is this CRAP. Like, I am seriously and honestly torn up inside about the Supernote thing because I want to support EVERYONE (or, more accurately, I don’t want to leave anyone out). Arrrgg!

Clearly, it’s a big decision. I need to sleep on it….


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