Karen Owen is a Whole Bag of Awesome

This is old news, but it’s new news to me so pretend it’s new news to you, too. It’s more fun for me that way. And it’s all about me, really, isn’t it.

So there’s this chick, Karen Owen, who went to Duke University, slept with a bunch of athletes, made a mock thesis about her partners (“research subjects”), sent that presentation to a few close friends and SURPRISE! It leaked to the entire world in a few hours.

I love this story. Can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect mix of everything I adore: sex, scandal, gossip, and distraction from real news – like there was some kind of election thing happening in the States? Something about Obama? I really don’t know. Sadly, I am only mildly interested. I think it would make a good Smartifying entry1. Maybe tomorrow… God, I’m vapid. Which, getting back to the subject at hand, is why Karen Owen tickles me so much.

I love it when girls have (safe) sex – unapologetically and totally for the fun of it, with partners who are doing the same. And I think that’s why I like this story so much. Also, because I like to document everything myself, and because I have been known to make my friends laugh with tales of my own (albeit limited) hilarious (mostly pathetic) sexploits from years gone by, the idea of a humorous powerpoint shared between friends seems like pure genius to me (minus the worldwide scandal that ensued).

I feel a little bad for Karen. I mean, yeah she made a hilarious, soul-crushingly mean and degrading powerpoint presentation and sent it to a few people, but she didn’t mean for her sexual partners – let alone the general public –  to read it. I feel like it was an unfortunate mistake more than anything. Also, in a few years, no one will remember who was on her list, but everyone will remember her as a big douchey slut (I mean, not ME. I think she’s awesome. But I’ve seen an awful lot of comments that refer to her as a “cum dumpster” and I know that my opinion of promiscuous girls isn’t the norm). I hear she has had several offers for book deals, so I hope she makes big bucks from this anyway.

On the other hand, I know that if a guy did this to a bunch of girls I would be considerably more outraged, so yeah. Totally sexist. Me. Equals. I dunno. What do you guys think? Not about me being sexist (I think that’s well established), but of the story in general. Do you sympathize with Karen? The dudes she slept with? Was what she did REALLY that bad?


1 Actually, it won’t make a good Smartifying entry anymore because this post was written over the course of a few days – between child wrangling and sleep – and I was accidentally smartified in the meantime when I watched this Philip Difranco video.


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