Treasure Tuesday

A combination of cold weather, lack of money, and sheer laziness has driven me indoors lately and, as a result, my internet addiction has grown exponentially. I find myself stumbling from website to website looking for something to kill the mind-numbing boredom that crushes my soul on a daily basis. The good news is, I’m filling my head with KNOWLEDGE (okay, useless tidbits I forget almost immediately, but… KNOWLEDGE!). The bad news is, it kinda makes me want to kill myself.

That whole last paragraph was just a big whiney way to say check out this cool website I found! The Oxford English Dictionary is trying to preserve words that are on the verge of extinction though their adopt a word program, Save the Words. If you’re a gigantic nerd like myself, you can waste quite a bit of time there.

Check it out! They used my name! I feel so famous!



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